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New covers are a hit!

I introduced new book covers this week for The Austin Trilogy, and they have really generated interest in the book. Here's a bit of info you will only get from my blog....

Each cover depicts the shadowy image of a man walking down a path, but if you look at the three books together, you will notice that he starts in the center of the cover, just like we are in the center of our current timeline. Our past is on our left, and our future is on our right.

Now look at book two. He has progressed to the right side of the cover, travelling, if you will, into the future of an imaginary timeline drawn from left to right on the book.

Book three has him all the way to the left side. Why? Because he is now the master of his own timeline and can start from the beginning and see every event from left to right.

I know you haven't seen any info from book three yet, but it will be out soon and will be well worth the wait!


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